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Gone Too Soon

Posted by Pete Visintin on

Pictured:  Dr. Eric Dixon

Last month I (Pete) turned 31, which is old enough to be a husband, father, and dare I say, an adult, yet young enough to still feel like a kid at times.    


Until a few days ago I hadn't lived long enough to feel what it's like to have a peer and close friend pass away.


That changed when I learned of the passing of my friend, Dr. Eric Dixon (or "E" as I often called him).  This dude was one of the great people of the world.  


The way I felt when I found out he was gone was first shock, numbness, and disbelief.  Then after having a day for it to sink in, I, like so many others, feel like a good man was yanked away from us way too soon.  But most of all I just feel a sadness and heaviness on my heart that I haven't felt before.

The last time I spoke to Eric in person was the night of the Fight the Fight Benefit in September (pictured above).  There were hundreds of people there.  I was running around like a mad man trying to make sure the event went smoothly.  At the end of the night a few of us were loading up tables outside the front door.  


Just then Eric and a group of his friends were leaving and walking out to their cars.  I nodded and said "thanks for coming" as they went by.  Eric walked about halfway to his car, stopped, turned around, walked back to me.  He shook my hand and gave me a "bro hug," and told me "Pete...if you ever need anything, ANYTHING, just let me know."  


Looking back now, that is the way I, and many others, will remember him.  He didn't say if you ever need help with FTF, or shoulder pain, or a connection to the right person.  He said "anything," and I know he truly meant it!

If I could talk to him one more time, I would tell him simply, thank you for being a good man, for using your knowledge and abilities to help as many people as you did, for being my friend...and for God's sake, keep the core tight!


See you on the other side E.  Watch over us and keep us safe!




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