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An Attitude of Gratitude

Posted by Pete Visintin on



Super Bowl Sunday 2016...Gathered with a small group of family and friends, Lady Gaga has just belted out the last notes of the National Anthem, the fighter jets have just flown over the stadium, and I have a fresh bowl of homemade chili in front of me.  As Leo would say at this point "I'm the king of the world!" and excited for the game to start.


Just after the game kicks off and just before I take my first bite of chili I remember that a few hours earlier I made a post to the Fight the Fight Facebook page to do a fun giveaway for our fans in association with the big game. 


In the rules of the giveaway I stated that for every 10 people that commented with the team they picked to win the game, the value of the FTF gift card they would win would increase $5.  I figured about 50 or so people would participate, putting the gift card value around 25 bucks.


I glance down at my phone shortly after the first play of the game to see how many people entered.   The color drops out of my face, and I turn as pale as a ghost when I see "298 comments" at the bottom of the post.  I then break out in a cold sweat when I start to do the math and realize that the gift card value is $150, which is 5 times more than I anticipated! 




Picture: Screen shot from when I looked at my phone.


Liz looked at me with the same confused look she gave me when I got a little too serious shooting around on a basketball court a few weeks ago (Read this post if you haven't yet).


After giving myself a few minutes to calm down (actually about an hour) my anxiety started to turn to excitement that so many people participated.  Then my excitement turned into an overwhelming feeling a gratitude for the response.    


I realized that I'm actually overjoyed to give the gift card away because this little contest showed just how much what we've all built together with FTF is more than just numbers and money.  We have a vibrant, enthusiastic community of supporters both online and off.


We are so grateful that you all let us into your world for just a little bit each week, and that you guys work with us to share our mission and message with people throughout the whole United States and beyond.


From our very beginning in mid 2012 we have bootstrapped to grow our organization from nothing to what it is today.  We haven't ever had or used much money on advertising, and we haven't had to because of all you guys have done for our cause.



Nothing is more fulfilling to us than knowing we have your support, and we are truly grateful for every single one of you!




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