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How Being a Parent Makes You More Productive

Posted by Pete Visintin on


18 months ago my daughter Zephy (pictured above) came into the world .  Just look at those  Any of you who have ever been around a child this age understand what I am talking about when I say they can only be described as miniature tornados wreaking havoc wherever they go!  I now tell people before we come over that even though there is only 3 of us, it is going to feel like an army is arriving at your home. 

If you saw us "load up the car" to go somewhere you would think we are leaving for a survival mission far away from civilization with enough food and water to keep us alive for a solid week.  Then you'd laugh when you found out we were just going to the grocery store less than a half mile down the road!

Before Zephy, Liz and I would literally jump in the car within 2 minutes of deciding to go somewhere and head out zooming down the road.  Now, however, we start mentally prepping for routine trips to church, grandparents' house, etc... several DAYS in advance.  No joke!

Oh how things have changed...But for the better!

One of the lessons I've learned since becoming a father that I thought would be valuable to share with you guys is that, I have, without a doubt, become much more productive with my time.

Here's what I mean.....

When you are responsible for watching a 1 year old you can't do anything else, let alone get work done.  They require your total focus, attention, and energy, which it turns out, is a productive way to go through life.  

I don't know how I didn't understand this concept before, but hey, I'm a rookie in this game.

The more narrow we make our focus, the more we get done.  Work on 8 things at once and finish almost NONE of them.  Put all your energy into one task at a time and finish almost ALL of them. 

I call it "being present" meaning you focus solely on the one task you are doing right now and not about the 10 million other things you have to get done that day.  

Domino Theory of Productivity

Think about your productivity in terms of dominoes (not the pizza place).  Set them up far apart, and it takes a long time to knock them down...Set them up, back to back, 1 inch from each other, focus all your energy into pushing over the first one in line, and the rest of them fall fast!


P.S. - Being "present" also helps you enjoy the experiences of life more.  Don't wish your life away hoping tomorrow is better than today.  Live in the now.  Enjoy the present because whether we want it to or not that big clock in the sky is always ticking bringing us ever closer to our exit!  


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