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Coffee Lovers, Unite!

Posted by Pete Visintin on



For most adults, coffee can often be classified as it's own food group.  It's a legal remedy for the "general tiredness" as I call it, that plagues us in the mornings.  It warms us up on cold days and provides just enough relief to keep us sane on bad days.


Coffee is one of, if not THE, greatest non-alcoholic beverage consumed by the human race not only for it's numerous health benefits, but also, because it gives us an excuse to meet up with friends and family.  


Remember when we used to sit and converse with people in real life and not through some type of digital wizardry on an electronic device?   


In other words, drinking coffee is one of those rare little experiences in life that is meant to be enjoyed!


With our new speckled mugs we wanted to create a vessel to help you enjoy YOUR coffee experience every day.


Our mugs hold 16 ounces of deliciousness, have a large handle (big enough to fit 4 fingers in), and a smooth rim.  


They come in 2 color choices with our signature logo printed on the front.  

If you or someone you know does in fact drink coffee our mugs are now available in limited quantities!  

More than 50% of the proceeds from every purchase are donated to an individual in need.


Use Discount Code: 

"coffee"to receive 5% off your mugs.






Limited Quantities!




Use the buttons below to help our brand grow by sharing some coffee love with friends!.....

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