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The Art of Patience

Posted by Pete Visintin on


Liz and I hop in the car to go visit some friends.  As we are coming up to the first stoplight it turns from green to yellow.  I hit the brakes bringing our car to a stop with the front tires exactly on the thick white line.  Liz eye balls me with a bit a tension in her face. 

The light turns green.  I push the gas pedal ever so gently, so as to not jerk our heads back or rev the engine too high.  In the mean time the cars in the other lane go speeding by.  This time a loud sigh accompanies the tense stare from Liz. 

We finally get to the open road, and I push the button setting the cruise control to PRECISELY 1 mph over the speed limit.  As Liz is looking at her phone texting, in her peripheral vision, she notices cars passing us one by one in a what seems like a long procession. 

She picks her head up, looks at me again, this time with what I would describe as a "death stare," sticks her neck out to glance at the speedometer, sees that it's set at 56 in a 55mph zone, and then says with an agitated tone "Pete, I'm not trying to be mean, but please GET GOING!!!" 

I reply in a soft voice the same way I have for all the years we've been together..."Patience honey, patience."


From Fight the Fight's first day of existence back in 2012 I knew that my vision for the future success of the organization was as big as Bruce Wayne's castle and would have to be painstakingly built brick by brick over a long period of time. 

Even then, standing at the starting line of this journey, I understood that overnight successes were a complete myth.  I knew it was going to take mountain-sized amounts of hard work, perseverance, learning, and loads and loads of PATIENCE.

Earning an audience large enough to create a sustainable revenue stream has been like filling up a swimming pool one drop at a time.  It felt like we worked and worked forever without seeing any increase in results, but we just kept plugging along.  Then one day we looked up and realized that a whole bunch of people were following and supporting what we are doing.


Folks, I want this article to be a wake up call to everyone that there is no shortcut route to achieve any goal in life.  Business, fitness, relationships, spiritual, etc...  It doesn't matter what the goal is.  It doesn't matter how slick new technology gets.  

To climb to the summit of your ideal life all that matters is knowing where you are at now, knowing exactly what you want the end result to look like, and the willingness to work your tail off to close the gap between the two. 

What I refer to as "The Art of Patience" is being able to delay gratification for the work you do now to set yourself up for the big achievements later.  

Your success is just like building a house.  Without a solid foundation the first stiff wind will blow the thing over.  And rest assured, there will be many, many stiff winds in the form of obstacles and challenges along your path!

Once you figure out what you want out of life, keep your head down, build your foundation slowly, methodically with one small action at a time like a flowing river spending centuries carving a canyon.  

Then one day, just like Ferris Bueller, you'll stop, take a look around, and realize how far you've come and how much you've achieved in life!

 "Yeah, they call me Rabbit, but that's ok 'cause this is a turtle race." - Eminem, 8 Mile


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