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Heroes & Villains: The Battles Good People Fight

Posted by Pete Visintin on



It's an average Tuesday morning.  I've just poured myself a fresh cup of coffee and sit down to do some work.  Just then my phone rings.  On the other end is a person in dire need of help to pay expenses related to their medical treatment.  I tell them that this is what we do at FTF, and the process for getting on our donation list.  These are the exact situations where we want to be able to step in and assist.

I hang up...Five minutes later my phone rings again, on the other end is another person in a seemingly worse situation than the last who needs help.  I get chills and a sick feeling in my stomach as they tell me about the grave situation they are in.  Then I repeat the process requirements for getting on our donation list again, and we hang up.  

I return to my work for a few more minutes.  Then, for a third time, the Notorious B.I.G. ringtone on my phone goes off.  I slide my finger across the bottom to answer the call.  This time the caller's house has just burnt down and is desperate to find out if we can help them get back on their feet.  I do my best to hold myself together as I listen to their tragic story and direct them to another charity that may be able to assist them.  

As our organization grows I'm having more and more days like this.  The more people I talk to, the more I learn about all the battles that good people are out there fighting on a daily basis with these villains disguised as medical conditions and all the stress that comes with them.  

That's all the bad news.  Now here's the good...

FOR EVERY VILLAIN THERE IS A STRONGER HERO TO DEFEAT THEM.  If you ever find yourself in one of these dark situations remember, there is always light, and there is always hope.  

According to, human beings can adapt to survive and thrive in almost any circumstance.  Getting through the challenges of life often has little to do with your physical toughness.  It's your mental toughness that pushes you through.  And the only way to improve your mental toughness is to be in tough situations.  You can't learn to climb up if you've never fallen down!


"There is a superhero in all of us.  
We just need the courage to put on the cape."
- Superman



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