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Where to Start When You Have Nothing!

Posted by Pete Visintin on



If you've finally reached rock bottom, if you have only a few dollars to your name, if there's nobody standing by to help you out, where do you go?  What do you do?  How can you possibly turn your life around with so few resources?  


All of us, including myself, either have hit or will hit a breaking point like this.  It's inevitable.  It's life.  It's a natural situation that will be thrown at us by the world we live in.  


When I was at my rock bottom point several years ago I thought that the universe had conspired against me to prevent me from getting a job and creating a life for myself.  Looking back now I realize this couldn't be further from the truth.  


Life is a test, and what you do when you reach your rock bottom point is the final exam.  You can either stay down, which means you concede to just accepting the little crumbs of opportunity you are given/allowed by others. OR you can do what I did (and am still doing), which is to use your energy, creativity, and perseverance to create opportunities for yourself.  


Don't wait for opportunities to come looking for you.  They never will.  Take ownership of your life situation.  Get yourself out.  Don't wait for others to pull you out.  


No matter who you are, where your from, or what skills and knowledge you have there is always at least something you can do that provides value to others.  There are free platforms on the internet for you to market the value you provide.  


If you continuously improve on your value proposition, one day you'll get so good that people will pay you for it, whether you provide them a service or a product.  


"Be so good they can't ignore you."

- Steve Martin




I'm always inspired when I think about Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson's rags-to-riches story.  He is now a multi-millionaire, superstar actor, and wrestler.  


When he was a teenager in high school his family got evicted from their small apartment, and he had $7 to his name.  On that day he made a commitment to himself that he would work so hard that one day, no matter what obstacles he faced, he would be able to free his family from poverty.  


And that's exactly what he did earning a football scholarship to a large university, and then propelling himself up the ranks of professional wrestling.  When he reached the lucrative top of the wrestling world Hollywood came calling with multi-million dollar movie deals.  




So when you find yourself at the bottom of life, look inside yourself, and make the conscious decision to start climbing.  If you are still breathing you still have a chance to create the life of your dreams.  And that's a chance that is always worth taking!




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