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Survivor Story: Samantha Thacker

Posted by Pete Visintin on


Written and Contributed by Deanna Gerdes

Recipient Hometown:   Mulberry Grove, IL

After obtaining a job at Anderson Hospital in Maryville, IL Samantha had to have a few routine, pre-employment chest x-rays done.  They came back abnormal and the doctors were suspicious that a mediastinal mass might be present.  As a result, they ordered her to have a CT scan with contrast. 

After seeing her primary doctor and completing the CT scan, it was confirmed that Samantha had an 11cm (approximately 4.5inch) anterior medialstinal mass.  On February 2nd, she had an appointment with a cardiacthroasic surgeon from Siteman/Barnes and learned that the mass was most likely a Thymoma. 

She underwent blood tests to rule out other possibilities, and they came back negative.  She was scheduled for a CT guided needle biopsy to confirm the pathology on February 10th.  After waiting 6 long days the results came back as a diagnosis of thymoma. 

Thymoma is a rare cancer of the thymus.  Approximately 400-500 Americans are diagnosed with thymoma each year.  She had a port placed on Friday Feb 26 and received her first round of chemo on March 1st.  

She is an amazing person and we all continue to pray for her everyday!


On May 2nd, Samantha had another scan which revealed that her tumor had shrunk 1cm on each side.  She will undergo 2 more rounds of chemotherapy then if the tumor has shrunk enough surgery will be performed to remove it.  


More than 50% of the proceeds from all Fight the Fight purchases made from June 16th, 2016 through June 30th, 2016 will be donated to Samantha to help cover her medical-related costs. 

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