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Through the Lens: Stephanie Geisler

Posted by Pete Visintin on



Family, faith, and photography...These are life's top priorities for Stephanie Geisler, owner of Steph's Photography based in Dorchester, IL.  When we put out a want ad seeking photographers to partner with Steph responded with a resounding "yes" within minutes.  


She has supported FTF with MANY clothing orders since our organization's inception in 2012.  And given the level of her talent and the quality of her work we were excited to get the chance to work with her.  However, when we dug a little deeper and asked her some interview questions for this article we learned that Steph is much more than just a photographer.


She is a wife, a mother, and an entrepreneur who discovered her love for photography shortly after her oldest daughter was born in 2005.  Like anyone who finds their true passion in life she just started taking pictures, learning the art, and continuously honing her craft.  Now 11 years later she is able to create life-long memories for her clients through the snapshots she takes.




Steph's Responses to Our Interview Questions:


Why did you choose to become involved with Fight the Fight?


I am thankful every day for being blessed with my beautiful family and the ability to make a living doing something I truly love.  As a result, our family motto is to always look for ways to "pay it forward" to help others because of the blessings we have been given!  


What advice would you give aspiring entrepreneurs in the photography space?


Your journey is not a race.  Stop comparing your journey to others and continue at your own pace.  Comparing will only discourage you.  Learn your camera inside and out.  Practice, practice, practice.  When the technical side of photography becomes second nature, your creativity is free to fly high!


"We take photos as a return ticket to a moment in time otherwise gone." 


Connect with Steph:







Below are the photos Steph snapped for us to showcase our Chevron Headbands:




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