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Michelle's Pharmacy + Fight the Fight = Greater Good!

Posted by Pete Visintin on



Visit any Michelle's Pharmacy location on a Friday, and you'll find all of their employees wearing matching t-shirts.  This is a policy that owners Michelle and Wally Dyer implemented long ago as a way to allow employees to have "casual Fridays" while still maintaining a team oriented atmosphere within their businesses.  

Normally they just wear standard t-shirts with the business logo on them.  However, a few months ago several employees expressed interest in teaming up with Fight the Fight for new Friday t-shirts.  Michelle and Wally were immediately on board.  

Together, we designed their new Friday t-shirts (below) cross promoting Michelle's Pharmacy, Fight the Fight, and the philosophy that health truly is the greatest wealth.  



The owners and employees of this business could have picked any shirt to wear on Fridays, but they didn't.  They chose to team up with us to help our cause.  This is yet another example of small town businesses working together for the greater good! 

We are proud to have worked with Michelle's Pharmacy on this cross-promotional project!

Connect with Michelle's Pharmacy:


Facebook:  Michelle's Pharmacy


"I can do things you cannot.  You can do thing I cannot.  Together we can do great things." 
- Mother Teresa 



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