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Avengers.....ASSEMBLE!: The Ageless Fitness Superheroes Are Back for BDD 2016!

Posted by Pete Visintin on

Pictured:  The Ageless Fitness Superheroes circa 2014


Note:  See related article about why we created our new Somebody's Superhero Tees.


Every year when I was growing up my parents would take me a see the Black Diamond Days Parade.  I loved it then as a kid and still do now as a grown adult.  Anyone who grew up in a small town can tell you of the fond memories they have for summer days spent at their town festival or carnival.  There is just something about everyone coming out together to have fun that feels good.


I used to stand on the curb with my candy bag in the ready-to-collect position, and I would flip out when I heard the sirens of the police cars and fire trucks at the beginning of the procession.  


I would get scared (in a good way) when the clown car would randomly shoot water into the crowd and when the human gorilla would come by shaking its cage.  The grand finale for me was when the Shriner's Tin Lizzy cars that look like miniature Ford Model T's came by to do their zig zag routine.  For years my goal in life was to own one of those little cars!


A few years ago in 2014 the big boss man at my employer Ageless Fitness decided we were going to put a float in the Black Diamond Days Parade.  Instead of viewing the float as an opportunity for advertisement he looked at it as a way to "make the day" of the kids along the parade route where we once stood.  As a result, various superhero costumes were purchased and distributed to the employees to wear during the parade.


Little did we know the impact we would have on the kids watching the parade when we put those costumes on.


Not only did this make the day for hundreds of kids, but some of them got so excited when we walked by and took pictures that we knew they would be talking about the experience of getting to meet their favorite superheroes for a LONG, LONG time! 


It was so much fun getting to be part of creating a fond memory for the kids and their parents that this year we decided to do it again.  


The Ageless Fitness Superheroes will be back at this year's Black Diamond Days Parade!



Some of you might be thinking how does this relate to Fight the Fight?

Simple...We are 100% on board with anything we can do that brings joy to kids! 


Parade Info:

  • Date - Sunday, June 5th
  • Place - Main Street in Gillespie, IL
  • Time - 3:00pm

The Ageless Fitness Superheroes will be available for pictures in the Subway parking lot immediately following the parade. 



  • Visit Ageless Fitness-Gillespie on Facebook
  • Visit Ageless Fitness-Staunton on Facebook
  • Visit Black Diamond Days on Facebook  


"A true hero isn't measured by his strength, but by the strength of his heart." 
- Captain America 




Thank you for reading and for supporting Fight the Fight.  You can help us spread the word about the superheroes coming to town by clicking one of the buttons below.....

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