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Strengthen the Mind, But Don't Forget the Body!

Posted by Pete Visintin on


Everybody, and I mean EVERYBODY has the opportunity and the ability to make a positive impact on this world by helping people in some way.  Our body is the vessel we've been given to do so through what we say and the actions we take.


If you are reading this and have been neglecting your physical health in lieu of professional success I implore you to start MAKING time to address it.



I've gone through stretches (sometimes long stretches) where I've been as guilty as anyone for not taking care of my physical health.  


LIFE HAPPENS.  We get promoted, have children, start a business, say yes too often, etc, etc....yada yada.  


In other words, we get too busy to care about the health of our body and push sweating at the gym for an hour down to the bottom of the priority pile.




The Oxygen Mask Dilemma 


Think about your physical health this way...Your on a plane headed to, let's say, somewhere tropical.  You hit severe turbulence at cruising altitude, and the aircraft loses cabin pressure.  The alarm goes off.  The emergency lights come on, and the oxygen masks fall from the ceiling.  


Seated to your right is an elderly person who is struggling to get her mask on properly.  The million dollar question is:  What do you do???


The answer is you put your mask on FIRST then you help others get their's on because without your mask on (which represents your physical health) you can't help anybody!




Just like the above example, the dumbbells, treadmills, bicycles at the gym are the oxygen masks for your physical health.


Stay strong.  Stay healthy.  The world needs you.  And we don't just need you today...we also need you tomorrow!


"Sweat is magic.  

Cover yourself in it daily

to grant your wishes."

- unknown 




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