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4 Tips to Make 2017 Your Best Year Ever!

Posted by Pete Visintin on

New Year's Resolutions never last...That's the perception we have for those of us who finally start exercising, eating right, and making other long overdue positive changes in our lives.  
Heck, I fell into that category myself for many years.
Over the past couple of days leading up to New Year's 2017 my social media feeds have been filled with testimonials stating that 2016 was not a good year for many of us.  Some people even labeled it the "worst" year of their lives.  
In this post I'm going to lay out my best advice to help circle the wagons of life and turn the tables on Father Time to pull off the seemingly impossible task of making 2017 the BEST year of our lives!
My Top 4 Tips to Make 2017 the Best Year Ever!
1)  Read 10 Pages Per Day (non-fiction)
We wake up every day armed with all the information we have gathered to that moment in our life.  If 2016 wasn't ideal we have to look outside ourselves and our normal routines to obtain new information about new or different ways of doing things.  
Personally, I've been doing this every day for over a month at the time of this writing, and I cannot tell you how much soaking up the info in 10 pages a day has helped me both in my business and my life in general.  
Reading gets me outside my daily bubble.  
The world's experts have written their thoughts and findings down on paper for us to freely consume.  We should take full advantage!
2)  Take Back Control of Your Physical Health
Everyone with kids reading this most likely just let out a heavy sigh.  Trust me, I have a crazy 2 year old...I FEEL YOUR PAIN ON THIS ONE!
Us busy parents get overwhelmed with "stuff" to do for our kids and for our households, and we often feel like working out is just not in the cards for us because we just don't have the time.
I always try to keep in perspective that in the end we are all human beings, and without our healthy bodies we can't do all those things we feel like we HAVE to get done on a daily basis.   
Without our physical health nothing else matters.  All of us with kids and busy schedules have got to find a way to exercise regularly in 2017.
In addition, with better physical health comes better mental health, higher self esteem, and more energy to dedicate to the ones we love.  Getting our physical health in order has a trickle down affect on everything else we do and the people we are around. 
3)  Take Back Control of What You Eat
The gold standard of physical-related New Year's Resolutions is eating healthy.  This monumentally difficult task is many times more challenging than sticking to a regular exercise regimen.  
THE key to eating healthy long-term boils down to 2 core activities, meal planning and meal prep.  I think we would all unanimously agree that sitting down and eating the food isn't the difficult part.  
If we have the right food ready at the right time all we have to do is put it in our mouth, chew, and swallow.
Coupling a healthy diet with a consistent exercise regime is like plugging an acoustic guitar into an amplifier.  Just exercising is good, but putting diet and exercise together is where the magic happens to unlock the big, life-changing results we yearn to see.
4)  Commit to Being Your Best Self in All Phases of Life.
Making a commitment to ourselves is the most difficult kind of commitment to keep because we don't have to be accountable to anyone else.  
Don't let that happen to you.  Look inside yourself to find the deep intrinsically motivating factors that are causing you to desire to make positive changes in your life.  
Like the "Happy Thoughts" that keep Peter Pan in the air, keep those deep motivating factors clear and at the front of your mind in 2017 to be the best family member, friend, employee, owner, and person you can be.  
"Every morning
you have two choices:  
You can continue to sleep
with your dreams, 
or you can get up
and chase them!" 
My parting wish for everyone reading this is to use the tips mentioned to sit down on Midnight, December 31st, 2017 with a glass of champagne and toast to your BEST YEAR EVER!
Think about what you need to do over the next 365 days to make that happen!  I know I sure as heck I am!  
Life is short!  Now is the time to start living the one you want!  
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