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Survivor Story: Tracey Cronister-Dobson

Posted by Pete Visintin on


Written and Contributed by Annie Dobson


Tracey went to have her yearly mammogram done in September 2013.  A few days later she received a phone call that a biopsy had to be done.  She didn't think too much about it since she had had a couple of biopsys done before and all came back okay. 


That was not the case this time.  Several days after the biopsy was done she got the dreaded news that she had cancer in her right breast, and she needed to have the lump removed and lymph node dissection done.  They did the surgery in the early part of October 2013. 


About a week later she had to go see her surgeon and was told she needed a mastectomy.  They had done a blood test, and she was carrying the gene for cancer which meant she needed to have a double mastectomy. 


Tracey had a double mastectomy the early part of November 2013.  In the process of all this she got bad news from the company she had worked for for over ten years.  The business sold out, and she was out of a job and lost her health insurance. 



Through all of this Tracey never lost her faith or her smile.  From January to May of 2014 Tracey had 14 chemo treatments done.  The chemo of course caused her hair to fall out and showing support for his wife my son and his step son and several of his step sons friends shaved their heads. 


The chemo was so strong it made her nail beds on her fingers and toes raise up causing excruciating pain.  From May to July of 2014 she had 28 radiation treatments done and had to deal with several burns.  



She is facing a couple more surgeries and without any health insurance it is adding to her stress even though she never lets on.   They are accumulating many large medical bills.  Any assistance Fight the Fight can give would be greatly appreciated!


Thank you, 


-Annie Dobson 


50% of the profit from all Fight the Fight purchases made from June 28th, 2015 to July 18th, 2015 will be donated to Tracey to help cover her medical expenses.



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