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Survivor Story: Sue Guglielmo

Posted by Pete Visintin on


Written by Sue Guglielmo

Contributed by Ranita Keller



My name is Sue Guglielmo.  My husband Tony and I have 3 outstanding young adults in College.  We are very proud of them.  My Breast Cancer journey is just beginning. 


I was diagnosed on October 10,2014 and was initially told I was in early stages.  The long story goes I tested positive for HER-2 and have 2 area’s that are cancerous, I have already started to received Chemotherapy and will require surgery and radiation down the road. 


I have stage 3 breast cancer.  Along with the two area’s I already mentioned, it is also located in my lymph nodes and chest wall.  Thankfully no major organs, bones or joints. 


I have a great team of physicians I am working with and can not be happier with my care.  I know I have a long journey ahead.  With all the love, support and prayers I will get through this. 


I will not lie, it is very overwhelming and a lot to take in at one time.  From the day I was told I tested positive and not knowing my slides yet, to my first Chemo dose was 12 days.  They moved quickly, but looking back it was a good thing. 


Cancer moves quickly.  It doesn’t care who you are, what you do.  It doesn’t sleep, breath, or eat except at you.  I am very grateful for everyone who is here to see me through and wish everyone else who is going through a rough time out there the best too.




-Sue Guglielmo, RN BSN


50% of the profit from all Fight the Fight purchases made between June 7th, 2015 and June 27th, 2015 will be donated to Sue to help cover her medical expenses.



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