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Survivor Story: Daniel Alexander

Posted by Pete Visintin on


Written and Contributed

by Elizabeth Malone

My name is Elizabeth Malone.  Myself and Theodore (Teddy) Alexander are the parents of 7 year old Daniel Alexander, and little sister, Taylor.  I went into premature labor with both of our children, but our son, born March 1, 2007 came at just 28 weeks gestation, which was very early compared to his sister who was 5 and 1/2 weeks early with minimal complication. 

After going into early labor Daniel suffered a neonatal stroke which caused a significant amount of brain damage.  Daniel was diagnosed with microcephaly, strabismus, and, the one that affects him the most, cerebral palsy at 9 months old. 

Later his CP diagnoses was changed to Spastic Quadriplegic CP, affecting all of his body.  He is completely dependent on his father and I for all of his daily needs.  We had surgery to get Daniel a feeding tube.  In July of last year, he was having difficulty swallowing, and, at the time could have used a few extra pounds. 

Now, 6 months later he has outgrown every piece of equipment we own, doctors have recently cut back his daily intake, LOL!  We've always called him "Big Guy" but now more then applies. 

So many changes within the state and asking for new equipment early has been a daunting task.  Daniel has outgrown everything, including his car seat, and we no longer have means to safely transport him not only on a daily basis with our family, but even getting him to required appointments is more difficult than ever. 

Daniel is a very happy child, he absolutely loves school, they wear him out.  He comes home from school gets a bath and immediately after his bath he is ready for a nap.  Usually about the time we start dinner his little sister has him wide awake and ready to play. 


Daniel and his little sister Taylor have a friendship like no siblings I know.  She tries to do anything she can to help her BIG brother, everything from administering meds, to running his feeding tube and pump for him.  She even tries to dress him...and he is nearly twice her weight! 

We live one day at a time, as each day has new challenges for our family, Daniel's condition ranges from a day full of doctors' appointments, to days full of therapy and exercise, and days we just stay home and do our best to relax as a family. 


We have been through so much on the past 7 years, and I would not change a moment of it, and if you or anyone you know is going through something similar, I would say what I've always been told, God will not give you more then you can handle. 

If you have been dealt a complicated hand, that is because someone has faith that you not only can, but you WILL live and love one day at a time! 

~The Alexander Family

50% of the profit from all Fight the Fight purchases made from May 17th, 2015 to June 6th, 2015 will be donated to Daniel's family to help with medical related expenses.


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