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Survivor Story: Mark Broccardo

Posted by Pete Visintin on

Written and Contributed by Mark Broccardo


My name is Mark Broccardo.  I have recently been injured in an accident.  I was helping a friend of mine fix the brick skirting on an office sign that was 12 ft. high and 8 ft. across, made of glass, steel, and 3 iron posts approximately 1 foot across in diameter.  Without warning or sound the sign suddenly collapsed on top of both of us pinning us underneath it. 

We were both taken to Memorial Hospital by Ambulance.  My buddy Bruce had a punctured lung and fractured pelvis.  My injuries consisted of two fractures in my neck and a fractured pelvis. 

Right now (at the time of this writing) I am in a neck brace for the next 8 weeks or more and confined to a wheel chair for at least 12 to 16 weeks.  I will not be able to work for the rest of the summer. 

I live by myself with my dog, Barney.  The hospital released me after 8 days in my present condition to a rehabilitation nursing home.  They released me after 20 days because that is all my insurance would cover.  So now I am in my trailer, in a neck brace and wheelchair to fend for myself.

I saw the article about Fight the Fight in the State Journal Register and decided to contact you for possible help.  I have to pretty much rely on my father Marco Broccardo for everything I need to do.  His wife Teri also is helping me with laundry and taking care of my dog. 

My father is almost 80 years old, and I would like to take a lot of my financial burden off of them when I get better.  Another reason is also my brother Steven Broccardo was killed in a driving accident delivering firewood a little over 5 months ago.  He was only 52 years old.  He had no will or life insurance and left 3 kids alone now. 

My family was already in a financial crisis before I was injured.  We were all pulling together to help his kids get out of their financial hole, but now I cannot help anybody in my family especially myself. 

So if there is any way that your "Fight the Fight" organization can help me weather this storm and help me out until I can get back on my feet it would be greatly appreciated.


50% of the profit from all Fight the Fight purchases made from September 28th, 2014 through October 18th, 2014 will be donated to Mark to help cover his medical expenses.


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