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3 Tips to Achieving Your New Year's Resolutions

Posted by Pete Visintin on


It is once again the beginning of a new year.  2016 is a clean slate filled with promise for everyone.  Every year most of us make one or more New Year's Resolutions, which are things we want to start doing, do differently, or do better than we did the previous year.  Very few of us actually follow through with these resolutions for the full year though.  

Below are my top 3 tips to staying with your New Year's Resolutions all year:  

1 - Think about the last day, not the first day.

Most resolutions include a health and fitness component.  The first day/week of the year everybody is hitting the gym and drinking smoothies.  It's so easy to get excited about a new beginning for ourselves in this regard.  

What we don't think too much about is the discomfort, struggle, and time it takes to see a noticeable change in our body and overall feeling of health.  

Think about how you'll feel and look on December 31st if you stay with your resolutions all year long.  There is a healthy, strong, successful person inside all of us.  We just have to put in the consistent, long-term effort to show that person to the world!

2 - Keep it simple.  

The more elaborate your plan, the less likely you are to follow it. 

The biggest mistake people make when thinking about how they are going to achieve their resolutions is over-planning.  Don't put yourself in a situation where it feels like you have too much to do so you end up doing nothing.  

Attack one habit at a time, maybe even as few as one habit per month.  Over time, several small changes that stick will turn into big results.  One of my favorite resources for info on changing habits is    

3 - Be accountable to a person or group.  

None of us can get to where we want to go in life without help.  There will be days where we lack the energy to do what we need to do to follow through on our resolutions.  Being accountable to at least one other person will help you keep your habits on these tough days.

Social media is perfect for this.  You already have some friends and family following you somewhere online.  Make a brief post daily or weekly about your progress.  Don't worry about how many people read it and like it etc...  The point is that it's public, and more people than just you know about it.  

Remember that everybody is going through struggles, not just you.  And your progress will inspire at least one person to stay with their resolutions when they want to quit on them.

Cheers to your success in 2016! 


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