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Chasing Purpose Over Profits!

Posted by Pete Visintin on



What would you do every day for the rest of your life if you had $100 million in your bank account? 


For many of us, images of sipping mai tai's, mojito's all day on a sparkling tropical beach with the sun gleaming on our face and our toes in the warm sand, free from all the problems that money could solve come to mind.    


Pause for a second and imagine yourself getting up to this fairy tale existence every day for the rest of your life.  Day after day after day we would wake up with nothing to do but exist, which might be fun for a few days or even 100.


But I believe that each of us was put here for a much greater purpose than to just exist and go through the motions of life until it's time to meet our maker.


I know that many of you reading this post dislike your jobs.  In my experience, the reason for this dissatisfaction is that our jobs don't often align with our greater purpose.  


I'm not saying quit your job if you don't like it.  I'm saying to start creating or seeking a job that is aligned with your greater purpose, and if you have been sleep walking through life and don't know what your greater purpose is, then your job is to find it.


You'll know you've found your purpose when your work doesn't feel like work.  It will energize you not drain you  Time will fly because you will get lost in a good way!  


To find your purpose I suggest using the Thomas Edison Method:  


It's widely known that Edison tested over 6000 variations he finally found the one that worked to invent the light bulb.  Step outside your comfort zone and keep trying different things until you find that one thing that hits you deep and lights (no pun intended) your soul on fire.  


"Our greatest weakness is giving up.  
The most certain way 
to succeed is always 
to try just one more time." 
-Thomas Edison


4+ years ago when my dad was diagnosed with brain cancer I found my purpose and continue to do work aligned with it through FTF.  I could have started FTF much earlier, but I never had the courage to get out of my bubble and try new things.  


As mentioned above, I was sleep walking through life bouncing from temp job to temp job not having any clue what I really wanted to do.


It's for that reason that this traumatic event with an immediate family member has been both the worst thing and the best thing that ever happened to me.  It made me realize that life isn't endless.  I won't stay young forever, and I only have a short-time here to make my positive mark on the world by working to achieve a purpose greater than money.  


The money, I know now, is just a by-product of the cause.  Businesses and charities like ours need money to run, but more importantly, they need a purpose that unites employees, supporters, and customers to do greater good than just the almighty dollar. 


Focusing on profits alone is like becoming a drug addict.  The more you get the more you will want, and the more you will need to achieve the same temporary high of satisfaction, fulfillment, and thrill.  


My parting advice is simply to seek your purpose, find it, never stop chasing it and the profits will follow!




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