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Daily Climb #2: Work/Life Balance

Posted by Pete Visintin on

August 13th, 2016 

Today was my little girl's 2nd birthday.  The day was spent opening and playing with new toys, and of course her favorite activity, running wild outside in the grass.  For the first part of the day I could not stop thinking about all the work-related things I needed to get done.  

As the day went on I started to wake up and realize that my little girl is only going to have a 2nd birthday once, and that was more important to me than anything else at the moment.  For the rest of the day I did not think about work at all and just focused on having fun with her and Liz.

This is a lesson in work/life balance.  For those of us who have business or career goals we know the difficult part isn't working our hardest.  The real difficult part is actually learning to shut it off and focus on our families.  

With this in mind I am going to make every effort to be present more often when I'm with them.  In other words, I might be physically in the same room as my family but mentally totally checked out and engulfed in thinking about work.  I'm there, but I'm not there.

A long time ago I read about the importance of being present in every situation and that physically being somewhere is much different than being present.  I am going to do one thing at a time in life from now on.  When it's time to work, I'll work.  When it's time to be with family, I'll be right there with them mentally and physically!

"Never get so busy making a living that you forget to make a life!"

- unknown 


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