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Daily Climb #3: Winning in the Extremes

Posted by Pete Visintin on

Picture:  Orders I packed at 5am. 
August 14th, 2016


Other than what is required by the government, there are no set rules in business.  There is no pre-determined, step by step path to success.  The concept of 9 to 5 simply does not exist in the world of entrepreneurship.  


To be successful long term I know I have to stay up late and wake up early to squeeze in as much work as I can possibly do.  In addition, I constantly keep in mind that if I don't work hard AND smart at the same time I'm just wasting energy like a hamster on a wheel.  


I think good entrepreneurs start out just like this, grinding and winning in the extremes of the day.  I also think that when a person finds something they are passionate about and is courageous enough to pursue their dream, the work never feels like work.  It feels like a way of life.  


This same concept of winning in the extremes can also be applied to people achieving their fitness goals.  Moms wake up early to get their workout in before their kids wake up.  Dads go straight to the 24 hour gym after a midnight shift...etc.  


If your conviction to achieve your goal is strong enough then you will find a way to get there by making time and finding energy in the extremes where most others are sitting on the couch or sleeping.


"All my friends told me I was crazy.  I showed them I was insane." -unknown




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