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Daily Climb #4: Making Decisions

Posted by Pete Visintin on


August 15th, 2016


All that matters is what ships.  I read that somewhere in a business book a few years ago, and it could not be more true.  It's another way of saying actions are all that matter in the pursuit of any dream or goal.  


Like many of you, I often catch myself overanalyzing decisions so much that I delay, or in some cases, never take action on tasks that had the potential to move the organization forward towards my ultimate vision for it.  This is also known as "analysis paralysis." 


The difficult part of not falling into this decision paralysis for me from a business perspective is that every day the decisions I have to make are of critical importance.  I either make the wrong choice and take a step back, make the right choice and take a step forward, or don't make the choice and stay put.


A majority of the time, I suspect, choices for small business owners aren't made from totally logical reasoning.  Instead, the person with the vision makes them based off of feel and instinct.   


The lesson is to keep making decisions and taking action without falling into analysis paralysis.  To me, trying and failing is infinitely better than doing nothing because of what we can learn from the failure to help us make better decisions in the future.  


"Be decisive.  Right or wrong make a decision.  The road of life is paved with flat squirrels who couldn't make a decision." -unknown 




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