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Daily Climb #5: The Chip

Posted by Pete Visintin on


August 16th, 2016


Ever since I started down my entrepreneurial road in business I've worked like I have a big chip on my shoulder all the time.  When my energy is running low I think about all the times people have told me I couldn't do something or didn't even give me a fair chance at opportunities.  


All of you guys can probably think of and relate to similar situations from your pasts. 


For several years before the beginning of FTF I would get depressed when I would think about these times in my life.  Now, however, since I've gotten a little older and built some confidence I flipped the script and keep these bad memories at the ready in the back of my mind like little turbo chargers ready to unleash when I need a boost to push through on something tough.     


My attitude and mindset is always that other people may be smarter, more business savvy, and have better connections than me, BUT nobody is going to outwork me.  


And, at this point in my life, I actually like it to a certain degree when I encounter resistance or get overlooked because it's like pouring gasoline on an already hot fire in terms of my work ethic.


The take-aways I hope you guys get from reading this are:  


1)  Don't let tough situations depress you and stop you from achieving your goals.  Instead, think of yourself as an unstoppable, immovable force that when pushed, pushes back 10 times harder and more ferociously! 


2)  Create a memory bank of specific times when you've been put down, humiliated, or ignored.  Then use those bad memories to fuel your internal fire when you need a boost!


"But you won't break me, 
you'll just make me,
stronger than I was."




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