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Daily Climb #7: Perseverance

Posted by Pete Visintin on

Video:  I've folded shirts and packed orders like this night after night after night for 4+ years, but this is the first time I've ever video taped it.  I posted the video because I wanted to show you guys a small example of perseverance in real life!


August 18th, 2016


Long term perseverance, in my opinion, is a grossly underestimated as a key to success in any endeavor.  To me, that word "perseverance" means the repetitive execution of the actions necessary to move an initiative forward.  


The internet has made almost any information we could ever need instantly available at the click of a button.  So almost everybody knows what to do to be successful, but it's the actual doing/executing of those tasks that separate achievement from mediocrity.


This is why I have never worried about competitors to the business of FTF.  I've seen so many people get excited to start something new in their life, go all in for a day or a week, and then they promptly return to the exact routine they were in before they started.


My point/the lesson is this...Everybody know what to do.  The way to separate yourself and achieve you goals is, very simply, to actually do it.  Use the old cliche "dreamers vs. doers."  A million people dream it, but only one does it.


Whatever your dreams are, wherever you want to go in life, I urge you to become that one in a million doer who doesn't quit, who stays after it, and who doesn't give up until you get it!


"Fate whispers to the warrior...

'You cannot withstand the storm.' 

and the warrior whispers back...

'I am the storm!' " -unknown




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