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Daily Climb #8: Strike Outs & Home Runs

Posted by Pete Visintin on

August 19th, 2016


Through my experience in business I've learned to operate by the principle of strikeouts and home runs.  This means...


1)  Setting an ultimate, big goal and vision

2)  Taking a lot of calculated risks to attempt to reach that goal

3)  Discarding the failed idea/initiatives as quickly as possible

4)  Going ALL IN on the ideas/initiatives that are home run successes as quickly as possible


It seams so simple, but the incredibly difficult part is being willing to attempt and endure enough failures to find the successes.  Similar to baseball, home runs, are few and far between.  The best hitters to ever play professional baseball only hit a home run once in about 20 at bats.


Operating by this principle can be applied to almost anything you may be trying to achieve.  It has worked for me, and I believe it could for you too!


"Never let success get to your head.  Never let failure get to your heart." -unknown




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