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Don't Wish for an Easy Life!

Posted by Pete Visintin on


Even after I graduated from college the thought of starting my own business had never crossed my mind.  I had always planned on going for an entry level job for a big company in a big city and working my way up the corporate ladder over the years ahead.  As fate would have it this is not how it played out for me.  


One day I saw my friend reading a book.  I didn't think much of it.  The next day I saw him reading the same book again, and the same the next day.  A few days after that I asked to borrow the book.  Then I went home a read it in 2 days.  (I had no job and a lot of time on my hands at that point.) 


The book ended up centering around entrepreneurship in the real estate industry.  It told the story of a man who didn't do well in school but became very wealthy by following his real passion to buy and sell homes.  


From that day on I've had the entrepreneurship bug in my blood.  It's not the money by any means that attracts me to the idea of having my own business.  It's the fulfillment and personal freedom of being able to spend my days working at the one thing I'm most passionate about.


The purpose of this post is to pass the entrepreneurship bug along to you!  


Four years ago I started selling t-shirts out of the trunk of my car to raise money for people in need, and I loved every second of it.  Fast forward to present day 2016, and we have shipped thousands of shirts around the globe.  When we host live events hundreds of people come out to support our cause.  We have literally changed peoples' lives!


And none of it would have ever happened if I wouldn't have picked up that book and caught this wonderful virus called entrepreneurship!  


The road from the humble beginnings of FTF to now hasn't been easy.  In fact, next to loved ones dying, owning and running a business is the most difficult thing I've ever done, and I have a one year old daughter, so that's really saying something!




In December I'll be turning 32 which is still young enough to feel like a kid at times but old enough to realize that life doesn't go on forever.  


Even though I have my health at the moment, I don't want to live an EASY life.  


I want to live my BEST life pursuing my passion, growing this organization, and loving my family because the worst fear of any entrepreneur isn't failure.  It's regret!  


"Maybe it won't work out.  

But maybe seeing if it does

will be the best adventure ever."





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