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Survivor Story: Amanda Pfeiffer

Posted by Pete Visintin on


Contributed by Billy Hester


On August 2, 2018 Amanda was diagnosed with breast cancer.  This has forever altered her life’s story.  She is strong and fighting hard to be a Survivor.  We have an opportunity to join hands and connect with the amazing Pfeiffer family from Livingston, IL and help Amanda, Bryan, Lexi and Braden fight this detestable disease, and live happily ever after!

This is Amanda’s story: 

She first found a lump on July 7th and really hoped it was something that would go away.  Her husband Bryan told her she should go to the doctor and get it checked out.  However, she commented on how stubborn she is and the fact that she doesn’t like going to the doctor’s or taking medications. 

But on July 19th, 2 days before her 38th birthday, she asked a few of her coworkers if they would feel the lump.  They quickly told Amanda to get it checked out immediately.  She apprehensively scheduled an appointment for a mammogram. 

The results were almost immediate, the doctors promptly informed her that she had a 2cm mass and would need to see the breast surgeon for a biopsy. 

At this point her whole world lost focus becoming a blur of..."What does this mean for my future? My family, what will they do?...wait...What is the doctor saying?"

Amanda doesn’t recall if she even heard what all the doctor said to her at that point.  She scheduled a biopsy on July 31st to have 4 pieces taken from her right breast.  

She anxiously waited and waited for the results.  On August 2nd, she received a call no one ever wants to hear...."Amanda, you have breast cancer." 

Instantly and uncontrollably the tears began flowing more and more rapidly as her mind raced with thoughts of the worst possible outcome..."How devastating this might be for the family?  What are the kids going to do?  What is Bryan going to do?...I can’t handle this...They can’t handle this...Why is this happening?"

Through the doctor’s appointments and the uncomfortable pokings and proddings, Amanda found out that she has infiltrating ductile carcinoma and thankfully is in Stage 1C-2A. 

She and her doctors decided that the best route for her is a Double Mastectomy with reconstruction surgery.  In order to make that happen, she had to see 3 different doctors, an oncologist, a genetic doctor, and a plastic surgeon. 

As she continues to go through the journey of becoming a Survivor she keeps picking up new doctors to add to her robust team to kick this cancer’s butt. 

Now, she’s up to 5 skilled cancer-killing doctors.  As you can imagine, her life has been flipped on end with a whirlwind of new and scary things happening to her body and her mind and her family’s lives will forever be altered because of this horrific disease. 

None of the choices she makes will ever take them back to completely normal.  With two active kids life doesn’t stop just because of illness.  There are still races, soccer practices, games, homework, pictures, etc...

Sometimes Amanda is strong, rearing, and ready to get after it, but other times she is overcome with sadness thinking about everything...Trying to be the best mom and wife, and still going through daily, busy life routines. 

She can’t help it now when tears begin to flow down her face washing away happy memories now being replaced with hospitals, surgeries, doctors, and a financial mess. 

Amanda says, “You just never know when one minute you're enjoying life as perfect as you think it can be to your whole life is turned upside down.” 

At the time of this writing Amanda just wrapped up her double mastectomy with reconstruction on August 30th.  She is doing well and recovering at home in Livingston. 

The doctors are running a test called Oncotype to determine if she’ll need chemotherapy.  She’s willing to do it, if it will keep her here for many more years!  

She also did a test to find out if this cancer is genetic.  She did this so that her sister and her daughter, Lexi would know if they should start mammograms earlier in life, and to be on the lookout. 


She should be back to work in three weeks, God willing.  

Bryan said, We are always told God won't give us more than we can handle, man has he tested us this year.  I always tell Amanda, when I see people post something on Facebook and someone replies with "praying for you" I just don't always believe a lot of those people are really praying.  That being said, maybe I'm wrong. 

This last month has been a whirlwind of emotions since we got Amanda's breast cancer diagnosis.  Since that dreaded day, most all meetings we have had with doctors have had a positive outlook. 

If you have been praying for her we can't thank you enough, and keep it up because it seems to be working.  

Hopefully will be cancer free very soon.


Amanda has been so overwhelmed by all the comments and likes that she has received on Facebook, and the enormous amount of thoughts and prayers for her and her family. 

She didn’t know this many people knew her or cared about her or her beautiful family.  She believes in the power of prayer and believes God is always with us!  

Pray without ceasing…Let’s help Amanda and the Pfeiffer’s kick cancer’s butt and become a Survivor!



More than 50% of the proceeds from all Fight the Fight purchases made during the month of October 2018 will be donated to Amanda to help cover medical-related expenses. 


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  • I’m sorry for your struggles Amanda, but knowing you since you were little, I know u can beat this. Your children are beautiful, and need their mama. I know that is your driving force along with so many prayers 🙏🙏🙏🙏 coming your way. You still have of living to do. Be brave. You are loved by many❤️❤️❤️❤️

    Renee on

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