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Survivor Story: David Rice

Posted by Pete Visintin on

Written & Contributed by
Kathy Mull Rice


I am writing in regards to my husband David Rice.  David is in end stage renal failure, congestive heart failure, and has had a recent toe amputation. 


He goes to dialysis three days a week and is currently unable to work.  He lost his job back in October 2016, and we had to get health insurance from the market place, which has a 6500.00 deductible. 


David has had several extended hospital stays since February and we have a lot of medical bills to cover.  He no longer receives unemployment, so we are down to my income alone which is disability. 



We have applied for disability for David but that takes time...lots of time!  David needs to have a heart procedure done before he can get put on the kidney transplant list, and we hope to get this done soon. 


Unfortunately due to his diabetes and extreme high blood pressure he has had other health issues as well that has led to the amputation of his right great toe. 


We are keeping the faith and slowly moving along with the help of our family!  


Thank you,  


-Kathy Mull Rice


More than 50% of the proceeds from all Fight the Fight purchases made between June 16th, 2017 and June 30th, 2016 will be donated to David to help cover medical-related expenses.


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