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Survivor Story: Debi Dyment

Posted by Pete Visintin on

Written & Contributed 
by Laura Helmkamp


My mom, Debi, was involved in a motorcycle accident in May.  She was flown to SLUH hospital in St. Louis, and while there she underwent several surgeries on her spine, neck, face and skull. 


We were also told from the beginning, there was a good chance she would be paralyzed.  Once finished with all of the surgeries it was confirmed.  She couldn't feel anything from the chest down. 


After leaving St. Louis she was at a nursing/ rehabilitation facility in Auburn, IL.  While there she developed an infection which escalated and turned into sepsis.  She was then admitted to St. Johns Hospital where she again had to fight and be strong despite everything she had already gone through. 


After being at St Johns for almost 2 weeks she beat the infection and during this time we were lucky enough to get her into an amazing rehab facility in Chicago.


Despite the diagnosis she is still 100% positive she can and will walk again.  My mom had been a nurse for 40 years and spent her life helping other people and nursing other people back to help. 


During this time its been very hard for her to ask for the help she needs, not wanting to be a burden.  My brother and I had visited her almost every day before she was moved to Chicago. 


This move has been hard on us all, but we all know it is the absolute best place for her to accomplish her goals!  


My mom's insurance with her employer has barely been able to put a dent in her current medical bills, and we know they are doing nothing but piling up.   We are also getting close to losing her insurance through her employer as she is unable to return. 


Thank you for reading her story!!!


-Laura Helmkamp


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  • You can make a donation to her account at the Marine Bank in Springfield, 100% of that donation goes to Debi, without purchasing anything. This is how I prefer to donate. Just go in & tell them you want to donate to Debi Kay Dyment’s account, it’s that easy.

    Bonita Ralston on

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