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In Loving Memory: Emmy Olson

Posted by Pete Visintin on

Written by Tracie Olson


Emmy is the 1 year old daughter of Ryan and Tracie Olson.  She is fighting cancer and is headed to the Mayo clinic. 

Feb. 6th she was diagnosed with germ cell cancer it has spread throughout her pelvis, liver and lungs.  The initial treatment was 3 days of treatment, 3 weeks off, and repeated 3 times. This didn't work! 

Emmy was in the hospital the first time until the 19th of Feb. and numerous times since.  April 11th her tumor marker went down to 68.8.  They were at 118,322 on February 2nd.  

Surgery was on May 18th and lasted 13 hours.  The surgery was successful both tumors removed successfully.  

Once she was well enough another round of chemo was scheduled on May 29th.   May 29th chemo cancelled and numbers jumped into the 400's as the cancer was back and growing. 


June 15th Emmy had stem cells removed.  With additional rounds of chemo her numbers came down again and on July 27th got her stem cells back. 

Then there was a constant struggle of not regulating the numbers to continue chemo treatments.  On September 1st her marker numbers went from 13.5 to 68.7 the doctors did a ct scan to see what we are up against. 

On October 7th she quit putting weight on her leg and broke her right ankle.  On October 27th Emmy's surgery went well this time only lasting 7 hours. 

The tumor was attached to her spine and rectum.  There was some spillage of cells but were able to remove the tumor, meaning more chemo was in store.  

On November 3rd we got the news no one wants to hear...Emmy's AFP went up even after surgery.  We go back to Madison Tuesday to check but believe it is spreading again! 

We were told that there is no curative treatments available they can only hope to slow it down. 


If you look at the little girl you can see she hasn't quit fighting and hasn't given up so neither are we. 

She starts her new journey at the Mayo clinic in Minnesota on the 20th of November.  

I will not stop fighting until she shows or tells us it's time. 

Please keep praying for our little girl and the family during this time. 

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  • My thoughts and prayers are with your precious little girl and your family as you go through this long journey

    Crystal Brown on
  • Prayers for her and family

    Chris on

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