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Survivor Story: Jon Cherry

Posted by Pete Visintin on

Written and Contributed
by Josh Cherry


Jon Cherry is a wonderful man.  


About a year and a half ago he was diagnosed with cancer in his neck.  


He was receiving chemotherapy and radiation in Springfield to shrink his tumor so they could operate on it.  The treatments were fairly successful, and they were able to operate on December 21st, 2017. 


The doctors were able to take out everything that was visible but, in doing so, they had to take a nerve and part of his neck muscle. 


Due to the removal of said nerve and tissue, Jon has half motion in his arm, and it hurts him to just turn his neck so he has to turn his body to look around with minimal pain. 


His headaches are heartbreaking.  


Come to find out, a tumor was missed in between his auditory nerve and his spine that is too risky to operate on at this time.  He only has hearing in his left ear (50% of what it was before first operation), and the doctors are worried about nicking his auditory nerve or his spine if they go in at this time. 


Jon has always had terrible sinus problems and, with the tumor growing, his airway was restricted to the point that it was very difficult for him to breathe and the first radiation treatments made it difficult for him to swallow causing mild malnutrition. 


Springfield Memorial Hospital performed a tracheostomy and put a feeding tube in. As a result, he looks and sounds worlds better, but he is still fighting a very tough fight against cancer that has already degraded his quality of life to an extent. 


Long story short, Jon decided to seek treatment elsewhere at Siteman Cancer Center/Wash U, and the treatment they are starting him on is time and money draining. 


As with all fantastic care centers, the treatments do not come cheap and his insurance runs out completely in September. 


Jon needs whatever help he can get with medical expenses to reduce his stress so he can focus on healing. 


After all, that’s the most important thing!




More than 50% of the proceeds from all Fight the Fight purchases made during the month of September 2018 will be donated to Jon to help cover medical-related expenses! 


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  • I have several people who are interested in making memorial contributions in a family members name. I have called and emailed and have not gotten a response. Can someone please contact me? If I don’t hear soon, I will have to choose another organization for these gifts. Sorry to post here but am runnung out of ideas on how to make contact. Thanks!

    Kathy Holliker on
  • Keep fighting Jon! We’ve got your back!

    Michael Heyen on

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