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Survivor Story: Katarina Shelton

Posted by Pete Visintin on

Written & Contributed by Kris Shelton


This is Katarina Shelton.  She has Medullary Thyroid Cancer stage 4 cause by Multiple Endocrine Neoplasia (MEN2) gene mutation.  She was diagnosed in late February and had a complete total thyroidectomy and removal of lymph nodes on March 4th, 2016.  


Katarina will be 21 years old this month and will be attending Western Illinois University this Fall.  In February, Katarina was not feeling well and noticed a large knot on the side of her neck.  After a doctor's office visit she was diagnosed and treated for a sinus infection.  But returned to the doctor because of the knot not going away.  


She was set up with an amazing surgeon and had the surgery within a week.  the cancer was throughout her neck, thyroid, on her windpipe, lymph nodes, major nerves, arteries, veins, and in her chest.


The long-term prognosis for medullary thyroid cancer is not favorable as for other differentiated thyroid cancers.  There is no cure for Medullary Cancer (MTC).  It does not have the ability to concentrate iodine.  Because of this, radioactive iodine treatment is not effective.  


Research for MTC treatment is ongoing, and newer medicines have been tested for treating advanced or progressive MTC, but no drugs are available that would completely remove or reduce the spread.


Katarina would like to encourage everyone to be aware of your health and visit your doctor when you notice something is not right.  If you are diagnosed, and don't improve, make sure to return to your doctor and be persistent because it may save your life.  Katarina also wants to encourage everyone to live your life to the fullest every day and always be humble and kind!


Most of all Katarina would like to thank our Lord and Savior.  She believes that everything is possible through God.  We would like to publicly thank everyone for all the support and prayers during this difficult time.  Everyone has been amazing, and we are so grateful.  


We have been able to get through this difficult time with God's blessings of our family and friends.


God Bless!




More than 50% of the proceeds from all FTF purchases made between September 1st, 2016 and September 15th, 2016 will be donated to Katarina to help cover medical-related expenses.


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  • Kris, I am so sorry to hear this. I don’t know if you heard but I just lost Bob to brain cancer (Glioblastoma, Stage 4) on July 7th. He fought a hard battle so I’m familiar with the struggles. If there’s anything I can do or if you just want to talk just email me and I’ll give you my number. Praying for your family. Kathy.

    Kathy Tibbs on

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