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In Loving Memory: Kelley Liljegren

Posted by Pete Visintin on


Written by Kerry Lorton

Contributed by Regie Byots



Editor's Note:  

Tragically, Kelley passed away after we received the submission of her story that follows below.  All funds raised through her donation period will be donated to her family to help with remaining medical-related expenses. 


Kelley battled cancer for the third time.  In 2004, at the age of 32, she was diagnosed with breast cancer.  She had to undergo a bilateral mastectomy and have her ovaries and the lymph nodes under her right arm removed.  

All together 17 lymph nodes were taken out because the cancer had spread.  Eleven of them were cancerous (Her children were 1, 3, and 5 years old at the time of diagnosis)

She underwent 8 chemo treatments and 31 radiation treatments.  Kelley was doing great, back to teaching after a year off for surgery and treatment, until 2013, at the age of 42, the cancer returned in her bones.  


Again she fought and was beating the opponent.  Then in 2014, breast cancer reared its ugly head for the third time.  She had to take a quarter off teaching last spring and returned to teaching this year.  


Her tumor marker is up and growing each day.  She demonstrates passion and dynamics through her children who are now 18, 15, and 14 years old.  She is an amazing high school math teacher, mother, sister, aunt, cousin, and wife.  



Kelley is high-spirited and zealous as she tells her story from a basketball game point of view...  


"Her coaches are her doctors, husband, Mike, and strengthening coaches, are her three children.  Every day we lace up our shoes and go to battle.  


The opponent, cancer, definitely has its work cut out.  


Her Gatorade is her spiritual juice through prayers.  


We keep our defense practicing daily and sometimes bring in the full court press.  


With her effervesces, we adapt new game plans as needed."  


The cancer is now in the liver.  Since April 2016, she has had 2 chemo embolization's to the liver and 2 radiation embolization's to the liver along with systemic chemo.  Nothing has helped.  However, a biopsy of the liver cancer showed a mutation to HER2 positive that opened up more chemo options.  The new chemo will begin November 30th.  


Her body is exhausted and week feeling.  Kelley has had to stop working.  Any help from Fight the Fight and it's supporters is greatly appreciated! 


More the 50% of the proceeds from all Fight the Fight purchases made between April 1st, 2017 and April 15th, 2017 will be donated to Kelley to help cover medical-related expenses.  

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