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Survivor Story: Larissa Namchini

Posted by Pete Visintin on

Written & Contributed 
by Jackie Vollmer 


Larissa is a Mom to 3 young children who was diagnosed with breast cancer last fall. 


Her job is working with children, and her fiancé, Rob is an Army veteran. 



They are both givers!  


Larissa is currently undergoing treatment to beat this horrible disease which will leave her sick and exhausted with a compromised immune system. 


Due to the nature of her job with children, Larissa will be unable to work for the duration of her treatment, and possibly longer. 



Thank you to the Fight the Fight Community for any help you can offer this beautiful soul!




More than 50% of the proceeds from all Fight the Fight purchases made during the month of February 2018 will be donated to Larissa to help cover the cost of medical-related expenses. 



Thank you for supporting Fight the Fight and for reading Larissa's story.  You can share it with your friends by clicking one of the buttons below.....

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  • Thank you and God bless you for being an amazing soul and giving people who are fighting , this incredible gift. You are angels on earth.

    Larissa Namchini on

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