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Survivor Story: Quinn Murphy

Posted by Pete Visintin on

Written by Quinn Murphy
Contributed by Melanie Riley


This is the hardest thing I have ever had to write.  After going to the doctor two weeks ago with a minor cough (and no other symptoms), I have been diagnosed with advanced stage cancer in my lung and liver. 


Today (originally published on Quinn's facebook page on July 5th, 2017) is my first day of chemotherapy, and I will have surgery in several weeks to remove one lobe of my lung and possibly some of my liver.  I have a large tumor in my right lung, and I have never smoked. 


Having said all of that, my faith in God is not shaken by this one single bit. He still controls the treatment, the surgeons knife, the medicine they will put into my body, and ultimately the outcome. 


Christ is a mighty fortress in time of need (Psalm 18:12) and if we trust him with our daily lives when things are good, how can we not trust him when we find ourselves in deep waters?  We should, and I do...and believe it or not I am at peace with his handling of this situation and my life. 


I have no penetrating fear, just a desire to trust God, to fight this thing really hard and to use this unexpected challenge to show people what a compassionate God we serve and what amazing things he can do with each and every one of us. 


But I need to ask something from each of you.  I need you to stay positive with me, to fight with me, and to pray to God each night that he would heal me.  I also need you to do anything you can to raise the spirits of the strongest woman I have ever met, my wife Michelle! 


And finally I need you to treat me like you always have, and not be distant or act any different to me than usual because cancer is scary.  Challenge is as much a part of life as prosperity no matter how hard we try to ignore it. 


In return, I will make the following promises to each of you.  I promise to fight with every single ounce of my body and soul for this thing.  I am convinced that this battle just might be what I have trained my whole life to take on, and perhaps even what I was created to live through. 


I promise to stay positive and ever-hopeful, and to ask for help if/when it's needed.  And finally, I promise to show you the love of God in a way that only he can demonstrate, so that perhaps you may see why I say that God's reservoirs of love and peace have no bottom. 


Strange thing is, I actually feel great.  I will continue to practice law full time, work out, eat healthy, to be a husband/father, and to live life - only with far more love and compassion for the wounded and broken-hearted than I ever knew was possible. 


I will just be doing these things with a chemo treatment every couple weeks.  Other than that, life will go on for me and my family.  So when you bow your head tonight to pray, please remember to pray for me, my family, my children, and my treating physicians. 


Because when it comes to matters of life and death God drives the ship and we are all just passengers.  I believe in the healing power of God.  I believe in his compassion and mercy.  I believe in the grace he shows to those who need it most. 


And I believe he will heal me so that I can continue to raise my family.  


I believe!


And maybe, just maybe, you will too...




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