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Survivor Story: Rhonda Messerly

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Written & Submitted 
By Tonya (Messerly) Edgerton


My mother, Rhonda Messerly, has had a rough 4 years with her health.  It started when she came to visit me in California for the birth of my 1st born. 


She ended up being admitted in the hospital for a kidney infection.  She is stilling trying to pay off that hospitalization.  And the hospitals are more expensive in California then Illinois. 


When she was in the hospital they told her she had gall stones as well.  Now fast forward 2 years later...they finally had to remove her gallbladder.  


In addition, my mother is disabled from a car accident that occurred over 20 years ago on October 31st that nearly killed her.  She had a total hip replacement because of it. 


This past year she had to have that same hip replaced, and now she is getting a bunch of ultrasound done on her liver because the doctor says her liver enzymes are high. 


My mom is an amazing woman that I thank God for everyday.  I know she could use some financial help for the large medical bills she has accumulated!


God Bless,




More than 50% of the proceeds from all Fight the Fight purchases made between December 4th, 2017 and December 31st, 2017 will be donated to Rhonda to help cover the cost of medical-related expenses.


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