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Survivor Story: Tiffany Harris-Boyd

Posted by Pete Visintin on

Written & Contributed 
by Tiffany Harris-Boyd


I was experiencing horrible pain in which I thought was just a kidney infection and boy was I wrong.  


Not only did I find out I had kidney stones I also have a distended bladder which has 2 options for treatment. 


One being a lifetime of having to use a catheter, or the other being 2 surgical procedures that will implant what is equivalent to a pacemaker into my lower back that would control the nerves from my brain to my bladder so that I am able to use the bathroom. 


This has required brain scans as this condition generally is brought on by the early signs of MS.  Luckily my brain scan is clear, but this doesn't mean that with time it won't develop. 


There is no actual cure for my condition, but the surgical procedures will make life easier and will allow me eventually to go back to work and live a more normal life than the everyday use of a catheter. 


At this point I must use a catheter 24/7 until my first surgery on February 13th, 2018 with the second procedure to follow on February 19th. 


Due to all of this, not only am I accruing numerous medical bills but am also unable to work until at least sometime in April. 


Any amount helps and will allow me to try and keep up with medical bills as well as everyday cost of living bills. 


Thank you for your support!




More than 50% of the proceeds from all Fight the Fight purchases made between March 4th, 2018 and March 31st, 2018 will be donated to Tiffany to help cover the cost of medical-related expenses.


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