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The Only Way to Win

Posted by Pete Visintin on


I recently read something I felt was extremely valuable and wanted to share with you all.  It's the process of starting and improving on the fly that enables people to become extremely successful at whatever it is they seek to achieve. 


Reading is great, watching is better, but real life trial and error experience takes the cake!  


It one thing to plan, but it's a completely different ballgame to actually DO.  


The most successful people we know are regarded as incredible listeners because they intentionally listen to feedback, adjust, and try again when their initiatives fail.  


Our dreams and goals are within reach.  The hurdle that holds a lot of us back is that first step we have to take in faith not knowing for certain that our idea is going to work.  And this doesn't just apply to business.


Take physical fitness for example...


It's impossible to know what we are going to have to go through on the inside to get our body to change on the outside...the pain, the self-discipline, the sweat, the tears, the fatigue, and the elation of seeing the scale move down or new muscles popping out.  These are things that can only truly be learned by experiencing them for ourselves.  


Take business for example... 


In fact, let's use FTF as our guinea pig.


We purchase new inventory and release new designs every week not knowing for sure how the products will be received by the market.  


Some are slam-dunk-home-run-hot-sellers, while others are complete duds!  But over the years of trying, failing, gathering data and customer feedback, we are able use this information to release products and designs that we already believe will resonate well with our customer base!


I'm not saying FTF qualifies as a "great" business yet, but I am saying we are going through the same process as the greats that have come before us. 


Every person who has built a successful business, career, body, and life had to have the courage to start, gather feedback, and start again continuously getting a little bit better every time!






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