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The Ripple Effect of Praise, Gratitude, and Appreciation!

Posted by Pete Visintin on


It is AMAZING how much the smallest compliment can boost our energy and self-esteem!  

Just the slightest acknowledgement that something we are doing makes a positive difference to someone besides ourselves is enough to completely shift the course of our day, week, year, or maybe even the course of our entire life! 

I find myself noticing this more during the Winter months after the holidays are over.  This is the time of year when my overall energy level is at the lowest.  Many times it's tough to keep soldiering through and doing the work that needs to get done for FTF to be successful.  

But then I'll see a comment on Facebook, get a random email, or have someone shake my hand and tell me I'm doing a good job when I'm out.  These seemingly small actions completely re-energize me in a positive way!

People are like batteries.  After working at something for so long we need to be recharged.  I'm a big believer in an unwritten rule of the world call karma, meaning if we put good out in to the world, the world gives us good energy and other intangible rewards back.  

To get recharged I believe we must recharge others with positive support for their efforts.  Some how, some way, and probably not immediately this support will be returned to us by the world!


"What goes around comes around.  

Keep your circle positive.  

Speak good words.  

Think good thoughts.  

Do good deeds!"

Always remember that one small show of praise, appreciation, and gratitude can have an endless ripple effect that could change our world.


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  • Thanks for the motivation and strength to Fight The Fight for Life???

    Marguerite Weiffenbach on

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