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Through the Lens: Labonte Photography

Posted by Pete Visintin on



Written by Pete Visintin


The journey of every successful entrepreneur starts with one thing...passion.  James Labonte knew photography was his passion since his high school days in the late 1980s when he participated in photography classes.  He has been behind a camera honing his craft ever since.


After high school and college James worked in the healthcare IT field and kept improving his photography skills on the side as a hobby.  9 years ago he reached a point where his skills had risen to a level so good that he was urged by his family and friends to "go pro" as a photographer.  He has been working as a professional photographer ever since.




Skills Pay the Bills!


One thing we can all learn from James' story and entrepreneurial journey is to not only stay PASSIONATE about that one thing you love to do but also to stay PRACTICAL about it.  He worked in the IT field to pay the bills and give himself time to develop his photography skills until he got good enough for people to pay him to use them.


In the business world, the higher your skill level the lower your risk of failure.  Skills pay the bills!  Don't quit your day job until you have something to offer the world that is valuable enough for people to actually pay you money for it!


James is a living example to keep improving yourself everyday.  Keep developing your skills and passion.  Keep chasing your dreams and goals!  




"A photograph is the pause button of life."





Photos by Labonte Photography

Modeled by Teran Schlechte & Abby Labonte


Facebook:  Labonte Photography





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