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Week in Review #1: Giveaway Success, Speaking, and FTF "In the Wild!"

Posted by Pete Visintin on


It's been another crazy and GREAT week at FTF!  We had a hugely successful giveaway on our facebook page, I'm starting to get more and more speaking requests, and I've seen so many people out and about wearing FTF gear it tugs at my heart strings!


"If you want to experience significant progress towards your goal, we need to be intentional about the work we do every day." - unknown 


Giveaway Success! 

Every Thursday on our facebook page we do a giveaway for a new item we are releasing.  These contests have become wildly popular with our audience (you guys) and have allowed us to greatly expand the reach of our cause through the "share" function.


It is very humbling for us to see that so many of you are willing to share our cause with your friends to help us grow!

We plan on hosting a facebook giveaway every Thursday for the rest of 2017! 

Speaking Requests!

Over the past several months I have been receiving more and more requests to do speaking engagements to hear about my business and/or spiritual journey with FTF.


When I speak to groups, regardless of age, religion, interests, etc... the point that I always try to get across is that if your mission is to help others, in whatever form that my take, and you never give up, YOU WILL SUCCEED!

Email for speaking requests and details.


Seeing FTF Gear "In the Wild!" 

My favorite part of FTF, besides being able to write the donation checks, is seeing people out and about wearing our gear.  


It's a crazy, weird, humbling, and extremely rewarding feeling to see someone I don't personally know wearing one of our shirts or hats in public!


Our goal with FTF has always been to make it a Nationally known brand so we can donate tons of money to those in need.  


As word of what we are doing continues to spread, and we cast our net out wider and wider, the enthusiasm and loyalty of our supporters is little-by-little enabling our goal to be achieved!   




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