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Week in Review #2: A New Idea, More Speaking, & A Random Story!

Posted by Pete Visintin on

This week was a grind (as they all are in the business world).  I really focused on trying to break my current patterns and routines to do more to achieve the goals we have set for FTF.  We started a new content series on our instagram page, I spoke to a group of high school Seniors, and a random act of kindness reminded me how good the world is!

"The quickest way to acquire self-confidence is to do exactly what you are afraid to do." -unknown

Late Night Hustle Series


We started a new, nightly content series on our instagram page called "Late Night Hustle."  For years I have used the time at night when most everyone else is sleeping to do the work to grow FTF.  It's during this time when I feel the most inspired and energized about what FTF is and what it can be.

In the "Late Night Hustle" posts I'll be writing down and sharing my thoughts and experiences about business and life.  Just like everyone else, I'm definitely still learning new things as I go every single day!




On Thursday I had the chance to speak to a group of high school Seniors at Northwestern High School who are participating in a job skills class.  Some of the messages I shared with them included:

1)  The sooner you figure out what you want to do in life the better.  As I found out myself, life gets a lot more fun when you have a direction and can allocate your actions towards your dreams instead of someone else's.

2)  Be relentless in the pursuit of your goals.  Roadblocks and failures are put of the journey to success in any endeavor.  I feel the only way to overcome them is to have an unwavering belief in yourself and what you are pursuing.

3)  Help people.  Nobody has ever completed the journey from the bottom to the top of life on their own or without helping others along the way.  Personally, I believe that the degree to which you help people determines the amount of income we receive from the world.

Random Story:  Thank Goodness for Good People

Last weekend Liz, Z, and I were at a carwash vacuuming out our truck when the guy in the stahl next to us came over and asked if we could give his car a jump with the cables.  I said absolutely, however when I popped our hood I could not for the life of me find the button underneath to release it so that it would open up.

After a couple minutes of fidgeting around a big burly guy with a loud, deep southern accent appeared behind us, reached his hand under the hood, and immediately found the release button.  He then helped us through the whole process of hooking up the jumper cables, getting the battery covers back on.  He was very energetic and almost cheerful about the whole ordeal.  By the end of it, all 3 of us were laughing as we shook hands and went our separate ways.  

When I got back in the car I couldn't help but be thankful that we live in a world with people that nice and that giving.  I believe that the national news media sometimes spins the US in a negative light, but little, everyday experience like this are proof that the good in our world far outweighs the bad!



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