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Why We Should Stop Worrying About Being Perfect!

Posted by Pete Visintin on


Standing in front of over 100,000 people in the moments before Martin Luther King walked to the podium to deliver his now famous "I have a dream!" speech, he could still be seen scribbling down notes and scratching out sentences on his prepared manuscript for the address.  The phrase "I have a dream!" wasn't anywhere on the paper.


About half way through his scripted speech a woman in the crowd behind him yelled "Tell'em about the dream Martin!"  


At that moment he stopped following the script, looked up at the people, and launched into the famous "I have a dream!" dialogue.


His speech ended up lasting twice as long as planned, and the written text on the paper quickly became irrelevant and unimportant when he started to speak from the heart putting the emotions he felt about civil rights into his words.


What made the speech timeless, remarkable, and effective was not only what he said but how he said it.  The power of the way he appealed to the audience's emotions that day sparked a turning point in the progress of his cause.


Dr. King knew his speech wasn't perfect, but he still walked to the mic and got his point across the best he could!


You see, we all have a cause.  We all have a purpose.  We all have goals, dreams, and aspirations for our lives.  If we care about something enough we don't worry about how hard the path to get there will be.  We are willing to get started, make mistakes, and figure it out along the way.


Where most of us fail though, is not in delivering the speech.  It's getting over our fear of being perfect, walking to the podium, and putting the things we care about out in the open for the world to see.


We get scared of the critics, the naysayers, and the energy suckers.  We get scared that we'll fail flat on our face, and the world will see it.


What we forget is that, like Martin Luther King, if we work hard to put something good out into the universe we will receive good things in return like a boomerang.  


Being a perfect person, having a perfect plan, and starting at the perfect time don't matter and won't make you successful.


If you are reading this and are living an unhappy, unfulfilled life this is your call to action to step to the microphone and deliver your talents, skills, and abilities to the world knowing you won't be perfect, knowing you will try and fail, but also knowing you will never give up because your life is too short to be lived on somebody else's terms!


 "If you can't fly...Run.

If you can't run...Walk.

If you can't walk...Crawl.

But, by all means...

Keep Moving!"


- Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.




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