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About Us

If you’ve had a friend or family member diagnosed with a serious illness you know how financially devastating it can be!


Fight the Fight is a not-for-profit apparel brand created to unite us in helping everyday people pay down large medical-related expenses.


By purchasing a shirt you will reduce the financial burden on a person in need during tough times.


When you wear it you will look great with a sense of pride and fulfillment knowing you are wearing much more than just a shirt!


Our Story



In July 2012 after 62 years of good health and 3 weeks of retirement my dad was told that he had not one but two malignant, aggressive brain tumors.


This shook my family and I to our core.  Almost immediately upon hearing the news my dad had surgery to remove both tumors.  After the surgery his left hand and left leg were impaired, and he has gone through intense physical therapy, radiation, and chemo therapy to keep the cancer cells from growing back and to begin to function normally again.


It is amazing how much we take for granted until something unthinkably bad and uncontrollable happens to someone close to you.  As both of my parents and I went through the processes involved in my dad's surgery, rehab, and long term treatment we realized just how important it is to have good health insurance.


The experience opened my eyes and made me realize sometimes bad things happen to good people and some of these things cannot be controlled or prevented.  Without insurance and money for treatment and rehab most patients quickly fall in a hole that would be forever impossible for them to climb out of without outside financial help.


Fight the Fight is a not-for-profit clothing company and charitable organization that donates money to individuals who have incurred large medical expenses during treatment.


The people who fall into these situations don't need a little financial help; they need a lot of financial help.  By creating a not-for-profit organization and brand we will be able to grow and as we grow our charitable contributions to individuals in need will grow.


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